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CREATIVE HOME SHARE is a COMMUNITY for people with open-minds and open-hearts that promotes art and creativity together with values of hospitality, mindfulness, and awareness. This is a gathering platform for all who wish to show their creations, share ideas for real-life relations, collaborations and friendships. Here YOU will get an opportunity to SHOW UP and MEET UP.
For all who believes that sharing experiences, time, space, or trip is still worth it.
"I exist (I am) because YOU exist" we believe that this idea, that is the foundation of UBUNTU philosophy, shouldn't be forgotten but revitalized in the post-covid times.

You choose what and WITH who You share

For who is this community?

Are you a creative, mindful, and positive person?

– Are you someone who doesn’t want to be anonymous?

-Wishes to show your art, ideas, creativity or passion?

-Do You like meeting new people?

-Appreciates the idea of having a guest at home, or a travel buddy?

Someone who loves arts and good vibes,
who wishes to make some positive contribution to the world we are live in?

YES creative home share community IS FOR YOU

What can we do for you and with You?


In CreativeHomeShare, we offer you a webpage with your biography, a slideshow and a photo portfolio with links to your social and personal websites and/or shop. All that so other creatives can get to know you better. It's not online infinite photo catalogue (like Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Format, etc.) but rather a homepage for showing your best work that our community can admire and links that provide possibilities for further connection


You will also have a possibility to create some more galleries to showcase your work, ideas, events, your home, or just use them as an Instagram grid planner (you can change the display of images and make the gallery private).


A searchable database of members, where you can find new followers, fans, curators, and hopefully real-life friends.


You choose which information and activities you wish to show to who (you can choose to show to all members or only to Your friends, or make them private).


Curated gallery/ journal to showcase members' artworks with special regard for Street photography. So You can find new friends by seeing what they create.


We wish to create an artist-in-residence database, with private and institutional lists of structures. Create a network also for photographers who wish to stay in a friendly home space with people who are interested in their work.


A library of interesting cultural links (online magazines, etc.), FREEBIES and useful staff links page. A special space you can use to promote your own events. 


Hospitality exchange, where people can be the host or a guest in some friendly home, share a car trip, share used things, and more to come soon.

cultural association

Show Your Creations

Just before recycling

New kind of

Host your friends

Freebies share
Play Video
relations creative

Is covid stronger than your curiosity?

Still wish to visit new places, meet new people and make new experiences?

Only by traveling and getting lost You can find yourself.


Free offer
  • Why to donate?
  • It is important for us to create a community of real, verified people
  • Support creators acknowledging they work and commitment
  • Contribute to all (not law) expenses that comes with creation and costs of the community website

    You can donate more anytime


  • Take an active part in creation of this community and get access to all groups and contents
  • Get a possibility to
    propose new groups of your interest and invite your friends
  • Personal events promotion and access to Artist in residence info.
  • We can help you to create your member page

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