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What is behind that curtain?

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

~ Henry David Thoreau

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Paula Kajzar

photographer, photography teacher, web designer enthusiast

Paula Kajzar was born in 1973 in an art, theatre-centered family. After accomplishing archaeological and photographic studies at Fine Art Academy in Warsaw she followed her heart and moved to South Italy. For over 15 years worked professionally as a stage photographer for the theatre, dance, and music events, also creating in duo with Antonio Pellicano over 10 fine art exhibition projects. Believing in the therapeutic value of photography as a teacher, she did facilitate resocialization in a youth prison. She is committed to the most candid and unmanipulated photography expression finding in the art of street photography her predilection. From always fascinated by unsuspected and brief twinkles of harmony in between real-life elements. Social reportage and everyday life metaphysics landscapes lead her to won several awards and publications. For detail cv please visit

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Photography workshops

Basic to advance photography workshops for everyone, with particular attention on street photography

Photography sesions

Dance and artist portrait photographer, all kind of events covering

Web disign

Art and home rental webpage creation


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