Tupingimatangi, Condojanni, Calabria, Italy

Tupingimatangi, Condojanni, Calabria, Italy

“TupingiMatangi” ARTIST home and studio with the possibilities of creative workshop.

Animations of the pre-cinema.

Clippings, transformations … and more

For those who wish there would be a possibility to test the art of weaving, on a traditional loom located in the premises of the association of the country.
Within the same association, an interesting permanent photographic exhibition is placed and objects of particular anthropological interest are present.
There will be an evening in the space of the association with traditional food and music. Moreover, the possibility of knowing healing herbs and plants that grow spontaneously in our soils rich in precious clay.
All this could serve as a side dish for those who have the desire to participate in the creation of a cartoon. Anyone who wants to try his hand at the discipline can do so without having special technical skills, it certainly requires curiosity and a willingness to express himself.View the webside for more info.