Invite friends

Invite friends

Offer a stay for invited by You members. You can host your guest on your sofa, in guest room or in second home. It is not a commercial holyday rent website but just a place to share your hospitality. Minimum donation can be requested to cover the costs. ( You can choose the conditions that suits You) You will be asks to describe the best think and the worst things about your place. You choose who You show Your place to (all members or Your friends) and all arrangements are up to You as well as your responsibility (for good or bed experience). We however will provide a section where guest and host will leave they feedbacks ( to give a bit more of safety for the community).

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Written by Paula Kajzar

Paula Kajzar after accomplishing her archaeological and photographic studies in Warsaw moved to southern Italy and for over 15 years worked in theatre and dance photography. Believing in the therapeutic value of photography as a teacher, she spends several years facilitating resocialization in a youth prison. She is committed to the most candid and unmanipulated photography expression finding in the art of street photography her predilection. From always fascinated by unsuspected and brief twinkles of harmony in between real-life elements. Social reportage and everyday life metaphysics landscapes lead her to won several awards and publications.